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This Is The Work Blog by Alex J Brown

Life is wild.
Learn lessons.
Share your wisdom.

This is the work.


Life is a story.
Write it down.
Give it meaning.

This is the journey.

Spices in Jars

Life is short.
Savor it.
Indulge your senses.

This is the spice. 

Wild Flowers

Life is beautiful.
Love often.
Love well.

This is the meaning. 

 This is not your average self-growth blog.
this is For the old soul in the young body. for the tender heart that loves loudly. for the challenge-seeker who wants to face and embrace their humanity. for the lifelong learner who tries to stay one step ahead of their comfort zone. For all those who try and fail. for all those who choose to soften, over and over again. for all those who know that putting something imperfect out into the world is better than shrinking  ourselves. Life is a wild ride, and living well is worth the work it takes to get it right.

Alex J Brown - Writer - Let's Meet

I am alex J brown, and I welcome you to join me on this journey. because let's face it...the work is always easier with a little company, a little levity, a little poetry, a little adventure, and a lot of good food.

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