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 Age 30 
 Genre Indie Folk, Pop 
 Instruments Guitar, Vocals 
 Current City Chico, CA 
 Albums Two 
 Awards Energy Plant Arts Recording Scholarship 

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Alex J Brown Music


Alex Brown is a singer-songwriter who started her musical career in Chico CA. Her indie folk style is underpinned by a love for R&B and pop music, creating a playful musical combination of originals, covers, and mashups for listeners to enjoy. With musical inspirations ranging from the sixties to today, Alex's acoustic sound, passion for creative writing, powerful vocals, and soulful approach to performance will keep fans of all ages engaged and ignited.


I've always had a love affair with words, and for as long as I can remember, I've called myself a writer. In 2008, I picked up an acoustic guitar, taught myself some chords, and started playing music to liven things up. Since then, I've recorded two albums. Twisted, my first, was a live acoustic album. The Spark - EP is my new release, and I recorded it in a professional studio (Energy Plant Arts), after winning a recording scholarship by community vote.

I sing and write about love, learning, loss, and the intricacies of human emotion and experience. I am equally fascinated and overwhelmed with what it means to be human. 

If you like what you hear or read, here are a few things i'm interested in doing musically for/with you:

  1. Open mic nights

  2. Starting a band + singing vocals

  3. Playing shows (all kinds, especially benefit shows)

  4. Playing at coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and events

  5. Playing at weddings (I love love and I love love songs)

  6. Helping you write songs

  7. Collaborating on gigs or writing projects

  8. Local competitions

  9. Making music videos

  10. And garage band jams, because duh


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