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New Look, New Feel, New Perspective, Same Directive

For anyone who has been tuned into my writing over the past few years, you may notice a change in the look and feel of my website, all the way down to it’s title.

Self-Actualizing for Twenty-Somethings has officially evolved into This Is The Work, and I want to share a bit about why.

I’ve had writer’s block for the better part of two years, and while my creative energy hasn’t disappeared, what I spent it on took a new form. Still, as many artists do, I could feel the pull and pleading -- that part of me that wants to share with the world asking me to come back to this project I started in 2017.

To be honest, I started this for myself.

I wanted a place to put my thoughts, lessons, wisdom I’d picked up along the way during a quarter life crisis that was truly one for the books. I needed a north star, and a self-growth blog offered me that. When I saw that some of what I was sharing resonated with readers, I felt compelled to create more and keep going (thank you for that), but I knew it was always for me.

But then, the quarter life crisis and the heartbreak tied up in it...ended. And when the crisis ends, sometimes it feels like the creative well goes dry. Like we have to reach so much deeper to find that wisdom that was all we had when we were in the mess of life. Finding hope in times of darkness is almost essential to our evolution, but what does hope look like when the sun comes up?

It was time to reset and realign.

I came back to Self-Actualizing for Twenty-Somethings, and I realized something important: I have outgrown this version of myself. It’s time to align with something bigger. This Is the Work is not just for me. It’s truly, wholeheartedly, and completely for us. So the look, feel, and perspective of this blog will change for the better, but the direction will stay the same. We're on the journey of self-discovery, and that journey is lifelong.

A New Perspective

This is not your average self-growth blog.

This is for the old soul in the young body. For the tender heart that loves loudly. For the challenge-seeker who wants to face and embrace their humanity. For the lifelong learner who tries to stay one step ahead of their comfort zone.

For all those who try and fail.

For all those who choose to soften, over and over again.

For all those who know that putting something imperfect out into the world is better than shrinking ourselves.

Life is a wild ride, and living well is worth the work it takes to get it right.

I am Alex J Brown, and I welcome you to join me on this journey. Because let's face it...the work is always easier with a little company, a little levity, a little poetry, a little adventure, and a lot of good food.

What to Expect

Since shifting my perspective from “What do I need right now?” to “What would nurture the world (mine and ours) a little more right now?” the creative possibilities became endless. When you tune in to This Is the Work, you will find:

  • Relationship advice that doesn’t suck

  • More on grief, break-ups, and healing than ever before

  • Answering life’s big questions from both personal and collective experience

  • Tools for staying in connection with yourself - when times are easy and when times are hard

  • Poetry and creative writing designed for the evolving heart and mind

  • Tasty things, when I have the time to share some new recipes with you

  • Content created for all of us trying to navigate the wild world of being human, in the small moments and the big ones

Looking forward to sharing more.

In the meantime, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter below if you’re new here, and if you’re an old friend -- thank you for sticking with me, this work, and your own evolution.


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