• Alex J Brown

Parchment & Quill

I had forgotten

all that I am.

I had forgotten

all that makes me

because I saw

my reflection

in your mirror.

I had forgotten

that your story

is not my story.

These chapters

are untitled

these pages

are creased

and you seemed

so sure of me

that I let you fill

in the blanks.

You said I was

an easy read

and I believed you.

After you left

I sat out by the water

and imagined it was ink

oceans of it

at my disposal.

I imagined that my mind

was parchment

my heart was quill

and I let myself sink

into the stillness.

In that wild silence

truth struck me

I don’t know

why or how

I had forgotten

I am the writer

But I remember, now.

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