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Welcome to Self-Actualizing for Twenty-Somethings

Welcome, fellow traveler, to my exploration of what it means to have a blog. A bit about me. I'm a musician, social worker, young professional, writer, marketer, educator, food lover, cat owner, lifelong learner, twenty-something, queer woman.

There's a lot I want to do in my life. And a lot I want to be.

I have a compulsion for self-actualization that is perpetually uncomfortable. I make a lot of mistakes. I feel deeply. I like to laugh. I like to learn. I sometimes think myself into a big dark hole that I have to write or talk myself out of. Sometimes that doesn't work. I believe in love and friendship and joy and fun and gratitude and nature and adventure and kindness. I do not always act in line with those beliefs. I think people are weird and relationships are hard and this world doesn't set us up for the connection we crave and deserve. Also, I like food. Very much.

Here is a list (non-exhaustive) of topics you may expect to find while exploring Self-Actualizing for Twenty-Somethings
So here it is my blog and sacred cyberspace for figuring stuff out. Thanks for tagging along. If you have a question you want to rumble with together, contact me.

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